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Blackjack with Rainbow Twist!

A game of 21 - Blackjack - a simple card game that can be played by anyone! So how do give a simple game of cards a colourful twist with massive prizes - like this:

Rainbow Blackjack is a Table Game by Realistic Games, which brings the old classic casino game Blackjack to the instant win selection with a side bet bonus game that can pay up to 5000x!

The game is played over 6 decks of cards, with 35 cards assigned random colours. The minimum side bet and base game bet is 10p and you can play 5 hands at any one time. Bizarrely, if you just want to skip the formality of playing cards, you can just select your side bets and go straight for those bonus wins!

Within the decks of cards totaling 312 cards, you have the following:

Violet - 8 Cards

Indigo - 7 Cards

Blue - 6 Cards

Green - 5 Cards

Yellow - 4 Cards

Orange - 3 Cards

Red - 2 Cards

The escalating prizes mean that you can win 5000x by landing the 2 red cards together.


A simple game with a great twist - 8/10

Check out our latest video on this game here


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