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Boom City by Pragmatic Play

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

We've been waiting with interest to see what the next instalment of Live Casino Game Show action was going to be from Pragmatic Play. Games such as Mega Wheel and Sweet Bonanza Live have failed to impress with their slow paced game wheel and uninspiring bonus rounds.

So up steps Boom City, the latest Live Casino Gameshow game from Pragmatic Play and the design is a departure from the wheel based gameshow, to a "Gonzo's Treasure Hunt" Style game grid with 3 bonus rounds!

Check out our first session on Youtube now!

The live game is played over a 6x6 grid, with numbers, bonus rounds and a power up scattered across the grid. The winning position is determined by the roll of 2 giant dice - the first of which choosing the column, and second choosing the row and the prize accordingly.

Bonus Rounds

Dice Battle - a simple concept with a potentially huge prize! The standard bonus is plays with 2 dice, the player chooses one of the 2 dice and they are rolled 3 times. Each point on the dice is a 1x multiplier, so if you roll a 6, that's a 6x and so on. If you choose the winning dice after 3 spins, you win your multiplier and the other teams multiplier on top - not bad? There's more - roll 3 sixes on your chosen dice, and automatically win a 500x!

Lucky Drop - Choose your dice number between 1 and 6, the more times the dice hits your number in 3 full rolls of the 2 dice, the more prizes you collect - up to 500x!

Boom or Bust - The main feature, climb a boom or bust board with the roll of a dice. As you progress up the board, the prizes get bigger, but additional pitfalls are added. Choose to cash out at any time, or risk another roll for bigger prizes - up to 1250x!

Power Ups

This is where you have the potential to grow the huge prizes. Land on a power up, and multipliers are added to the board, including on bonuses! Hit more power ups and you can add further multipliers on top, creating some potentially massive bonus rounds!


It's a welcome course change for this live casino and we absolutely love this game. Its fast paced, looks great and has the potential to pay some seriously huge multipliers! Stakes start at 10p which is great for longer session with many bonus rounds!

Check out our bonuses and start playing today!


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