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Crazy Coin Flip Finally Arrives!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

First announced back in February 2022, Crazy Coin Flip, the new online live casino game, has been on our radar for a number of reasons. For a start, its a first step into the world of live multiplayer online slots, merged with a bonus round which is always playing in the background! It's also the next instalment in the much loved Crazy Time series, bringing with it the bonus game we all know and love (and sometimes hate) - Coin Flip.

Base Game

The base slot is played over 10 win lines, with stakes starting at just 10p - perfect for the 10p Gamer! The main objective of the base slot game is the activate the bonus round by collecting 3 bonus symbols on the middle 3 reels.

Crazy Coin Flip Bonus Round

It's also possible to collect the bonus round with additional multipliers, which significantly increase the coin flip values in the final bonus round. Think of this like the top slot on Crazy Time - gaining a 10x multiplier on the bonus symbol multiplies the final coin flip value by 10 - resulting in some seriously huge coin flips!

We love the traditional setup of the reels and those classic 10, J, Q, K, A symbols being in play, with the only let down being that the biggest base game win is 30x - a bit of a missed opportunity!

Pre-Bonus Slot:

Activating the bonus round takes you through to a 3 reel slot, with red and blue coins valued between 1x and 50x. These values are only added to the upcoming coin flip total by matching 3 symbols of the same colour.

It's a nice little addition to the game for those who like to take the extra risk to the game, but from first experience with the game, we would say it doesn't add much value, considering the cost of spinning.

The Coin Flip

Then its over to the Coin Flip Bonus and this is where the big money is won and lost. Values on the Coins range from 5x to 100x, just like in the original Crazy Time, however there are many more values in between and from our experience so far, you can expect to see much more frequent high values, with a minimum 25x on each game.

Final Thoughts...

We love Crazy Coin Flip, it's a fantastic addition to the Live Casino suite provided by Evolution and has a good balance of low stakes, with potential of huge wins - just what we like to see! We do think there are some missed opportunities, as mentioned with the base slot and we really hope to see 'autoplay' on the UK version soon as this would enhance the experience considerably - but this will be down to compliance no doubt with the UK regulations being much stricter than elsewhere.

Rating - 9/10


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