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Dead or Alive: Saloon Live!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

It's been a busy year for Evolution's Live Casino Game show releases in 2022, with some huge games like Crazy Coin Flip, Monopoly Mega Baller, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette among the most popular of those - but Dead or Alive: Saloon seems to have come to the live online casino from nowhere!

Dead or Alive: Saloon is played out with 104 cards, consisting of 52 standard cards as you would expect to find in your deck at home, but added to this is 52 additional bonus cards with a variety of features that could lead to some massive multipliers!

Multiplier Cards

Included in the deck are multiplier cards, valued from 20x to 100x - these just add to your multiplier total - they don't multiply the multiplier - got it?

20x - 20 cards

30x - 19 cards

50x - 3 cards

100x - 1 card

Double Cards

There is also 3 "double cards" included in the deck and these can make things very interesting! Whatever value your multiplier is as the cards are being dealt, these will double the whole thing, and with 3 in the deck, the possibilities for colossal wins are real!

Bounty Cards

Thrown into the mix are 6 bounty cards! If you land one of these, you are presented with 3 cards from which you select 1 - whatever multiplier you hit adds to the rolling total.

So how is it played?

Dead or Alive: Saloon is played out over 104 cards, dealt one at a time. The winning multiplier starts at a default 20x, and when the host deals any bonus cards, the game carries on and the multiplier is increased. The game stops when a standard card is dealt - and this is where your bets come in.

How do you bet on cards?

It's possible to bet on all 52 cards - but nobody is doing that right? right? well, in some cases if you have the balance for it, this could be a good way to play - but essentially, you place your bets on the card which you think its coming out next and if it comes out, you win whatever multiplier was reached in the dealing stage. You may want to bet on 1 card, or 10 or 52 - increased stakes increases your chance to win, but also increases the risk - so bet carefully to avoid swift defeat - but hit at the right time and you could walk away with a game changing multiplier on your bet - minimum bet is 10p!


We love this game, its good old cards with a modern feature rich twist - 9/10


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