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Dragons Cluster Buster with Daily Jackpot

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Dragons Cluster Buster by Red Tiger is played out on a 9x9 grid, with 5 or more symbols needed to complete a win. Its unique feature is a square in the middle of the board which once all sides are activated, triggers a bonus.

The game comes with 3 bonus rounds, which on the first time of playing you need to release all 3 bonus rounds before you can trigger the free spins. Once the free spins are released, its then possible to trigger the free spins and also activate multiple modifiers throughout the free spins.

Check out our session here where we triggered every round!

3 Bonus Modifiers Randomly Triggered:

Blue eye - activating the blue eye clears all the low paying number symbols, leaving the premium symbols on the grid with further tumbling in.

Green eye - the green eye brings triggers a random number of scattered wilds to be dropped on to the grid by the dragon, giving the possibility of linking up groups of symbols.

Purple eye - triggering the purple eye has the most potential, with a random number of multipliers being dropped on the grid. these multipliers also seem to link, with the possibility of multiplied multipliers!

Free Spins:

Triggering the free spins awards 10 free spins with an increased possibility to activate the 1 or more modifier features on each spin!

Daily Jackpots:

The standard daily jackpot feature is available on this game, bringing the small possibility of a progressive jackpot win, but importantly also means that this will mean that the standard game will be affected by this.

Pay Table:

We played the game on the 10p stake and the pay table was as below:

Rating - 7/10


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