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Fashion TV Mega Party

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

In a new introduction to the Live Casino Wheel Gameshows, Fashion TV Mega Party seems at first glance to be Playtech's answer to the massively popular Crazy Time Wheel by Evolution - so of course we just had to give it a try!

So how does it compare to the classic Crazy Time?

Well, it passes the first test, you have a game wheel with numbers and bonus segments, throw in a mega party multiplier feature in an attempt to compete with the famous "Top Slot" on Crazy Time and you have what looks on the face of it to be a great Live Casino gameshow!

But it isn't without its flaws. First and foremost, while the super feature "Mega Win" can deliver up to a 1000x win, we are disappointed to announce that it is basically not a feature at all - its a instant win section - so that takes us down to 3 features right away.

Laser Show

Laser Show starts with a pyramid and some fairly modest multipliers across the bottom. The bonus starts at the top of the pyramid and works its way down, randomly going left or right until it arrives at a cash prize down the bottom. The further to the sides you finish, the higher the prize. There is a small 2x prize doubler along the way, but all in all an underwhelming bonus.

Dance Floor

Dance Floor is our next bonus which presents you with 13 diamonds each with a cash prize. Pick a tile, and the game does the rest - prizes up to 120x. It's simple, its Cash Hunt with diamonds - but we like this bonus.

Lucky DJ

Lucky DJ has 3 wheels, with varying volatility and a top prize of 80x on the most volatile wheel. Its somewhat disappointing in payout, but still entertaining to watch and who would turn down an 80x top prize?

Mega Party

And finally that Mega Party random feature, which can add some multipliers to your board - and the positive aspect here, is that it adds it to every section! This can multiply Mega Win up to 1000x and that's the real attraction of the game.

Overall, it doesn't quite really compete with a game like Crazy Time, but if you are looking for a change of scenery, its worth a go!

Score - 6/10


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