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Monopoly Mega Match - Missed Opportunity or Catchy Scratch Card?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Monopoly slots take us back to the earliest days of online casinos, with memories of Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus and Monopoly on a Roll making an appearance nearly 20 years ago on the online casino stage!

So whenever we see a new Monopoly Scratch Card or Slot pop up in the new games list, we can't wait to give it a try! So you can imagine our excitement to see Monopoly Mega Match come up on Turbonino Casino!

Monopoly Mega Match Online Slot

Base Game

At first glance, the impression is good - a 5x5 grid with all the classic and expected Monopoly symbols, with of course the man himself - Mr Monopoly driving his car across the bottom of the reel on a small window through to the Monopoly board. So cosmetically impressive, but what about the game itself, the potential - well, this is where it disappoints a little. The top prize on the pay chart is 20x in the base game, which can be multiplied by 2 - so a low starting point. To add to this somewhat disappointing prize chart is the realisation that it doesn't matter how many symbols you get of 1 kind, its always the same pay-out - you can't help but feel let down by this.

But there is a ray of light.....

Monopoly Mega Match Online Slot

Free Spins Bonus

Land 4 "Go" symbols and you will be heading into the free spins bonus with 5 free spins and an opportunity to repeat this and add further spins by landing 4 or more "Go" symbols again. As is so popular now with online slots, the bonus free spins are enrichened by an increasing multiplier which gets bigger with every winning spin! This does go some way to making up for the low base game pay-outs. Add this to the fact that there is the built in 2x multiplier already on the Monopoly board, then you can potentially hit some good wins.

Community Chest / Chance

Well, it wouldn't be a Monopoly game if there was no Chance or Community Chest feature would it? It's basic, no whizzes and bangs - if Mr Monopoly happens to drive on to one of these squares - you win a cash prize - simple enough.


It's slow going, low prize base game does take some appeal away from the game, along with the 6 or more of 1 symbol for the same prize killing any excitement for landing a one off big base win. It plays and feels a little more like a scratch card. The free spins bonus, along with the increasing multiplier does add a few points back on, so all is not lost!

Rating - 4/10

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