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New Evolution Live Casino Games 2024 - ICE 2024

On our return from an inspiring #ICE2024 in London, we take a look at some of Evolution Live Casino's newest releases coming in 2024! The eagerly awaited #lightningstorm was on full display, boasting the latest #digiwheel technology to create incredible in-game effects!

In our latest video, we talked over 3 new games coming to the Evolution Live Casino space in 2024, including Lightning Storm, Balloon Race and Stock Market Live!

Check out our video to get a sneak preview of how these new games are looking!

Lightning Storm:

Looking to take its place as the Funky Time predecessor, Lightning Storm is set on the recently introduced Digiwheel with 5 unique bonus rounds. The super feature bonus, #lightningstorm looks set to have massive potential, with the demo bonus round hitting a 4000x win!

Bonus rounds include: Battery Charger, Hot Spot, Monster Mash, Thunder Ball, Lightning Storm - with additional multipliers available to boost wins!

lightning storm evolution live casino

Balloon Race:

Following on from the popularity of Crazy Coin Flip and

Crazy Pachinko, #balloonrace is setup with a live slot machine with qualification dependent bonus round! As you would expect from an Evolution Live Casino #Gameshow, there is also multipliers which can be carried into the bonus round, making for some epic wins!

balloon race evolution live casino

Stock Market Live:

With a release date set in March, Stock Market Live looks to be coming first to the #Evolution Live Casino lobby. With a unique feel, #stockmarketlive models itself on a live market tracker, with line graph. Your task - guess whether the market is about to move up or down. In an escalating bet feature, it looks like you can carry over your wins into new rounds and increase your winnings accordingly!

stock market live evolution live casino


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