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The Lottery With A Bonus Round?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Starzle is the new Live Online Casino Gameshow exclusive on Ladbrokes, with staggering wins up to 250,000x your bet for matching 6 numbers! It's got a bit of everything you might expect from games like Keno, Lottery, Bingo, Mega Ball and a Bonus Round with epic possibilities!

So how and where do you get to play Starzle? Well, as things stand, this is an exclusive Ladbrokes Live Casino Game - so you'll need to be signed up to Ladbrokes Online to get started. Once you're there, you can start thinking about how to play Starzle and this bit will take a little time and consideration - its not a simple click and go!

There are 2 types of bet on Starzle - the main game and the lucky 6 - and bet sizes start from 10p per number or row, depending on whether you are playing the main game or the lucky 6 side bet!

The Main Game

This part is where you will need to place a bet if you want to have a chance at playing in the bonus round. Pick a number, or pick multiple numbers - each selected number is its own individual bet. If that number comes out in the 6 ball draw, you win 5x your bet - not bad! Well there's more - in every game there is a randomly selected bonus number. And this is where its a little over complicated - if you match the bonus number AND you match at least one of your numbers, you will have activated the bonus round. At this point, the number of matches you made in the main game will determine the base stake for the bonus round. For example, if you match 4 numbers on a 10p stake, your bonus round has a base stake of 40p!

The Bonus Game

The bonus game consists of 10 cards - 3 multiplier cards, 5 "Star Cards" and 2 Bust Cards! In the bonus game, cards will be drawn one at a time and at each stage as you move along a cash ladder, you have the opportunity to cash out your progress. Draw mutliplier cards to boost your progress along the ladder and draw star cards to move along 1 place. The longer the game goes without drawing the bust card, the higher the win - but draw the bust card at any point, and you lose all your bonus winnings!

As a side bonus here, matching consecutive star cards can land you an additional bonus win of up to 1000x your stake!

The Lucky 6 Side Bet!

Your second betting option is the Lucky 6 side bet. It's important to note that this bet has nothing to do with the main game and any wins here are not added to the bonus game - this is purely a side bet. It holds the games biggest multiplier! Choose 6 numbers, just like the lottery and get paid based on how many of those numbers come out. Match all 6 numbers, and you win 250,000x!


We love Starzle for its potential for massive wins and a really quite exciting bonus game. The frequency of the bonus game seems acceptable and the different betting options do allow for some variation in play and increased player choices.

However the issue is in the complexity of the game and because of how complex the betting setup is, the pre-game betting time is 60 Seconds! That means that on a standard game with no bonus, the pre-game betting time is longer than the game itself! This gives the game a feeling of being slow and frustrating. We found the betting options to be clumsy and awkward to select, with little on screen help to work out what each bet does. To add to this, the game doesn't have an autoplay feature which is a big disappointment in a game like this. It means high user input frequency and a complicated, fiddly interface. Bet sizes need to be typed in, as the arrows at this stage do not allow for moving in 0.10 denomination, which is a further frustration.

The game needs some improvements made, a shorter betting time with an autoplay feature would be a good opening change, without this, we can't see this getting much play time.

Rating 4/10


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