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Well Well Well...

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Released in April 2022 is Ladbrokes new Live Casino wheel.

Unlike its rivals Crazy Time or Adventures in Wonderland, Well Well Well has a more consistent pay-out structure, with less volatility, while still having a significant max win of 2500x on "Rainbow Pays".

Check out our session on Well Well Well on Youtube here

Starting with the most frequent bonus, "Buckets of Gold" is a sound alternative to Crazy Times "Coin Flip". With wins ranging from 8x to 35x, it doesn't boast staggering wins, but hits very consistently around 20-30x which is much more efficient when looking to sit out a longer session.

The "Magic Reels" spins have a slot style feature with a potential 100x on each spin, making this appear to be the most profitable bonus on the wheel.

Although "Rainbow Pays" has the highest win potential, typically the return was lower than the other bonus rounds like for like. This bonus is played out with a deck of 54 cards, dealt by the host with the object to match as many of the same colour cards as possible to increase the multiplier. However with 7 varieties in the deck of cards, the odds of pulling the same colour card out 8 times in a row is unthinkably low.

There doesn't appear to be a "super feature" like on "Crazy Time", with "Rainbow Pays", "Magic Reels 2 Spins" and "Magic Reels 4 Spins" appearing on the wheel twice each!

On the number segments, there are also gold coins which increase the value of the multiplier a little. These are fixed in position and do not move - there are also no additional multipliers for the bonus rounds.

Overall, a game with some really unique features and with its more consistent pay structure, less painful runs than on other gameshow wheels of its kind.


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